Selecting A Travel Companion

If you know of a friend or member of an organization, or church you belong to that would love to be a travel companion this is wonderful. Be sure you discuss your likes and dislikes with this person and they do the same with you. Think it over for a few days before agreeing to the arrangement. Even close friends do not make the best travel companions.

Remember that not every day is going to be easy traveling. It is an adjustment to traveling with a new partner. Unless you are hiring someone to travel with you as a companion or caretaker, it is best to travel with someone you know.

When traveling to a foreign country and you do not speak the language, it would be a tremendous help to have a companion who speaks the language and understands the countries customs.
Having a companion who is familiar with the foreign country you will be visiting is extremely helpful and would reduce anxiety of feeling alone.

If you are planning on renting a car and doing some driving, it is always nice to have someone who can assist with directions and maps, or just share the driving.

Arranging for a travel escort gives you the advantage of traveling on your schedule and eating when and where you want. This is a little more costly, but if you like to do the planning and only want someone to travel with you as an aid, escort traveling is an excellent alternative.