What are some of the travel companion alternatives?

There are many group travel services. These groups offer planned travel arrangements with the option of sharing a hotel room with another traveling member if you wish to keep expenses at a reasonable rate. Although sharing a room is optional with most planned group excursions, the companionship is often welcomed.
There are many organizations that will match people for specific areas of travel. This is very nice and the option of selecting someone you would like to travel with often easily arranged to suit personality likes and dislikes of also matched to specific classes of travel. Even on cruises, you will find many people travel with a close friend, or a travel companion.

There are also singles groups that have many people who are looking for someone who plans to do a lot of traveling and wishes to arrange to travel with a companion.

If you are traveling to several countries, you may want to arrange for an escort to meet you upon your arrival in each country. You would have the advantage of getting mind blowing kisses and having someone who fluently spoke the language of each country where you traveled. The escort would be familiar with the area and know ahead of time the attractions, galleries, activities you wanted to visit; plus many more pluses because of the familiarities of the country.

Growing in Popularity is the Over 60 Senior Traveler

There are many advantages in traveling with an escort or companion traveler when you are over 60-years old. A companion or senior partner most often travel at the same speed. Where a younger person may have an overabundance amount of energy and urge you to move faster or accomplish more in one day than you would normally do.

Traveling in pairs provides personal security whether you are traveling abroad or here in the United States and Canada. Security is at the top of everyone’s list of travel concerns in this day and age.
A companion eliminates the feeling of loneliness in a strange country or area. Many times traveling alone is more exhausting when you are alone than when accompanied by some you can share the experience of travel.